wine of the night: 2006 Hestan 'Meyer Vineyard' Cabernet Sauvignon

More like today's wine of the afternoon, this Napa Cab just punched me in the face and I liked it. Tongue dry, mouth (and eyes) watering, instantly drunk. Apparently not meant to be an afternoon wine, but rather a big, bold, classically fruit-driven Napa Cab to enjoy with a big, bold dinner. Or sip late night, paired with cigar aromas swirling in the evening air.

2006 Hestan 'Meyer Vineyard' Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, $54.99

Enjoy! For me, it's afternoon nap time.


style pairing: Chateau Julien 2010 Pinot Grigio

clean and carefree. get your tiny buzz on and enjoy an afternoon on an adorable bike in an adorable dress.

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wine of the night: 2010 Donkey & Goat 'Improbable' Chardonnay from El Dorado

Saturday's wine of the night is a welcome change from the crisp, fresh Savignon Blanc wines I seem to drink on a regular basis during the summer. Tonight I'm drinking a Chardonnay from Donkey & Goat; a winery that is more than just a cute name; if you're a wine nerd like me, you'll enjoy reading about their winemaking process (clicky here). Donkey & Goat winery uses minimal sulfur in their wines and they even stomp the grapes with their feet!

This natural Chardonnay, called 'Improbable' is complex, with subtle flavors evolving in the glass as I swirl, sip, repeat. Tasting notes include meyer lemon, mango, and minerals. A pleasant finish with a roundness that is very enjoyable and interesting. This is a wine to serve when with others who like to taste, think and talk about the wine in their hand.

2010 Donkey & Goat 'Improbable' Chardonnay, El Dorado, $33.99