style pairing: 2006 Nibio Dolcetto

Earthy and cozy. Enjoy outside with friends around a fire. Extra points for a fall sweater!
blouse reiss, cropped fall sweater rag & bone, shorts alice+olivia, hasbeens, do-it-yourself hat

biodynamic dolcetto $14.99


wine of the night: 2009 La Clarine Farm Syrah

"What is the role of the farmer? To promote life and to help set up an ecosystem as close to Nature as possible, whereby natural processes and systems can function." - La Clarine Farm

Natural and sustainable wines don't simply make a wine drinker feel better about their wine selection; there are real, tangible benefits. One of my favorite attributes of natural wines is their ability to evolve so beautifully over the course of a few days. I opened this La Clarine Farm Syrah last night and enjoyed a small glass, full of flavor and lots of fruit. Tonight, the tannins are smoother, more pleasing. The fruit flavors are still there albeit a bit more subdued, and slight game and mineral flavors are apparent. I'm looking forward to what day three will bring.

La Clarine Farms takes a natural approach to making their wines; with a hands-off farming philosophy to let the vines create their own symbiotic relationships within their environs. This means no chemicals, no fertilizes and minimal alteration. This may also mean no headache or hangover for you, but it certainly provides for a healthy vineyard and prospering environment.