odd couple

Yeah I know, I haven’t posted in awhile. But with a few computer issues resolved, I’ll just jump right back in...

I recently had the chance to enjoy a Pithos COS wine; a blended red wine from Sicily of Nero d’Avola and Frappato, fermented and aged in clay pots called amphora. It was one of those ethereal, mind blowing moments; it was everything I ever wanted in a wine! Fast forward a few weeks and I wanted more. Unfortunately my monetary situation left me with a choice that day- wine or groceries, and clearly I chose wisely. I opted for another COS wine, a 2010 Frappato not fermented in an amphorae (but concrete tanks rather).

Right out the bottle it was bursting with cherries. I let is sit as I cooked and about 30 minutes later it evolved so beautifully. The cherries has calmed themselves and the juice became earthy but still bright, with mineral notes, pleasant acidity, and just a touch of funk. Remembering my low financial status, literally the only whole food I had was sweet potatoes. So I chopped those babies up, roasted them with loads of cinnamon, cayenne, and some walnuts. A weird combination I know. But it somehow worked- in fact it was quite awesome. It was the lingering flavors of Thanksgiving with a great Italian red.