wine of the night: 2010 Quattro Mani Piemonte Barbera

Another nice simple wine for those of you who are trying to conserve a bit during the weeknights of this holiday season. This 2010 Barbera by Quattro Mani, which means four hands (hmm, two people???) is a great deal at $14. Most importantly, it drinks well, a bit better than $14 in my opinion, and the grapes are harvested sustainability. Not complex, but pleasant with the acidy and structure that I would expect from a Barbera. Great with an easy pasta dinner, or in my case, the standard fried egg sandwich.

Two Dudes Quattro Mani produces wines with the help of celebrity winemakers, using sustainable and biodynamic wine making practices, that express a regions terroir through their more traditional grapes. They have even been working with Movia, a winery well known for their dedication to biodynamic principles- and pretty fantastic wine.

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